1 000 000 BURPEES FOR 1 000 000 ZAR

To preserve important African wilderness areas Tshembo Africa Foundation and Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation are launching the #BurpeesForConservation challenge. The aim of this fundraising campaign is to raise 1 Million South African Rand. This will be achieved by engaging thousands of people around the globe to participate in this sportive challenge to get to a total count of 1 Million burpees and getting sponsorship for those.

To kick-start the challenge, Bruce Lawson – Co-Founder of Tshembo Africa Foundation – is attempting a new world record by performing 30,000 burpees in 10 days. With this initiative we want to engage and inspire as many individuals and companies as possible, enabling them to show their support for the African wildlife and preserve important wilderness areas for future generations to come.


Register here to enter the BurpeesForConservation Challenge. We require your name, email address, country and if you are participating as an individual or as a team.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email. *Please check your spam folders for this email. You can start to submit your Burpees from 15 March 2021 onwards. 


Click here to daily submit the amount of burpees. Beforehand you will have to register. Our program will then automatically link to your registration and add up the burpee numbers. 

You can follow the progress in our world map by hovering over the countries and in the burpees bar below.







Bruce Lawson Burpee Counter

30 000 / 30 000

#BurpeesForConservation Updates

617,628/ 1 000 000
Donated (ZAR):
R1,003,882 / R1 000 000

#BurpeesForConservation Worldwide

About Tshembo

Our foundation was formed 2020 by Nature and Wilderness Guides – who understand the importance of preserving wilderness areas and engaging with the adjacent communities to form a critical symbiotic relationship – and professional individuals in the finance and media sector therefore building a strong alliance.

Based in the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Reserve in the town of Hoedspruit, we strongly care about supporting protected areas, enhancing livelihoods in communities and funding conservation initiatives. 

Tshembo Burpees For Conservation elephant


GKEPF was established in 2016, in direct response to the alarming number of endangered animals killed by poachers in the region of the Greater Kruger National Park (GKNP) – an area which encompasses more than 20 million hectares of unfenced wilderness and which is host to the largest wild rhino population in the world.​

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